Kellie Ross, MA

Kellie Ross, MA, NCC

As human beings, we can all go through times in our lives that are difficult.  We can all feel sad, anxious or unmotivated at times. Then there are the struggles with being a parent, children that have behavior problems or struggling in school.  All of these things can be stressful. Kellie recognizes that the trusting relationship between the therapist and the client is just as important as any therapeutic approach used in sessions.

Kellie Ann Ross specializes in working with families and children (of all ages) who are experiencing difficulty with personal and interpersonal relationships that cause conflict and disruption in life. This work can occur in individual or group/family sessions.

Kellie has the experience and ability to help people who are facing issues related to stress and anxiety, grief and loss, depression, trauma and abuse, bullying, sexual orientation and gender identity. Kellie uses an eclectic form of therapy that draws from a number of different theories: Person-Centered counseling, Multimodal therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Brief Solution-Focused Therapy, Play Therapy, EMDR and Family Therapy. 

Kellie’s passion lies in empowering marginalized populations that include, but are not limited to: women and girls, lesbian, gay, bi and transgender (LBGT) individuals and people of color. Therapy is considered a success if the client feels safe, accepted and respected during sessions. Once a client feels therapy is a safe space, she/he is motivated to make the necessary changes in their lives that are causing distress.

Kellie has worked as a school counselor in K-8 schools for a number of years; as a mental health assessor for crisis situations through a local behavioral hospital; and as Counselor and Director of Health and Wellness Services at a local university.

Kellie received her Masters in Counseling from East Tennessee State University in 2006. Kellie graduated with competencies in both Community Agency Counseling and K-12 School Counseling. Kellie will be licensed as a professional counselor in 2019 and is under supervision.

Fees: Kellie offers a sliding scale fee schedule.  Kellie is currently out-of-network with insurance plans.

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