Rachel Light

I’ve always thought that change is a lot like a rainstorm. It can be scary and sometimes disruptive and destructive. The rain can be helpful though. Plants need it to grow and flourish, just like people can grow from change. If the fear is still too much, you don’t have to face it alone. Let’s weather the storm together.

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Rachel is a Johnson City, TN native and has stayed in the area her whole life. Rachel obtained her Bachelor’s in Psychology with a concentration in child development from East Tennessee State University in 2017. Rachel took some time off from school after graduation and has worked in the mental health field since December 2017. After some self-reflection, Rachel is back in school at ETSU getting her master’s degree in school and clinical counseling. She is starting her second year in the program and will graduate May of 2024.

Rachel is easy going and loves to relax with a good book when she can. Her favorite author is Haruki Murakami. She also enjoys playing video games, listening to music, and spending time with her friends and family. Rachel is also a huge true crime fan and loves most things in the “nerdy” category from superheroes to fantasy. Rachel is the proud “fur mom” to Rossi the pug, Apollo the cat, and her chinchillas Totoro and Tyrion.

Working with interns is actually a really great way to receive quality care at a discounted price. All interns are in the last year of their Graduate Degree in Counseling meaning that they have had experience working with clients prior to this internship experience. Every intern also has a Clinical Supervisor in at our group who they meet with for 1 hour per week and who reviews all of their case notes.

Due to the intern being in graduate school it’s possible that they will not continue with us after their year long internship (feel free to ask where they are in the year!) Although we actually keep many of our interns on as clinicians after graduation, sometimes they move on to other places, in that case you have the choice to continue on with another intern or with a permanent therapist.

Rachel is a pre-licensed and under the supervision of our licensed staff. She is be accepting new clients in summer of 2022 on a limited basis. 

Fees: Rachel offers a sliding scale fee schedule and is out-of-network with insurance plans.



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