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Working with interns is a very cost effective way to get the help you need

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About Working with Interns

Working with interns is actually a really great way to receive quality care at a discounted price. All of our interns are either in the last year of their Graduate Degree in Counseling or hold a masters degree and working toward licensure.  This means that they have had experience working with clients prior to this internship experience. Every intern also has a Clinical Supervisor in at our group who they meet with for 1 hour per week and who reviews all of their case notes.

Due to our graduate school interns being in graduate school it’s possible that they will not continue with us after their year long internship (feel free to ask where they are in the year!) Although we actually keep many of our interns on as clinicians after graduation, sometimes they move on to other places, in that case you have the choice to continue on with another intern or with a permanent therapist.

All of our graduate school interns work using a discounted sliding scale fee.  It is an affordable way to receive services and is usually comparable to most co-pays.  Our Masters level interns use our regular sliding scale fee.

Kingsport Counseling Associates, PLLC is a group of providers for individual, marriage and family counseling and therapy services. Located in Kingsport, Tennessee we serve the Tri-Cities Region of Tennessee and Virginia (Kingsport, Johnson City and Bristol) in the Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia regions of these states. We also serve the people living in Southeastern Kentucky.

Everyone has times in their life when it is difficult to work through things on your own. The death of a loved one, relationship issues, stress, depression, anxiety, trauma and life transitions are a few of the common experiences that affect many people at different times in their lives. Many times, we need someone to help us sort through these changes in our lives. Change is difficult. But by having someone to walk us through the process of change and challenge us to approach our problems differently, we can grow, succeed and be happy.


The mission of Kingsport Counseling Associates, PLLC is to provide compassionate and caring individual, couples and family therapy services that help people bring meaningful change into their lives.

Our values

Our Values

  1. We adhere to the highest educational, professional, legal and ethical standards of our field.  All of our therapists are professionally trained and at least masters level having graduated from accredited programs. All of our therapists are licensed and/or working toward licensure in accordance with state laws.
  2. The well being and dignity of each person we serve is important and will be protected.
  3. We are driven by the desire to demonstrate compassionate service to all members of our community.
  4. We are good stewards of our resources.
  5. Success of our Counseling Associates will create success within our organization.
  6. A spirit of collaboration is expected both within the organization and with colleagues outside the organization; there is no room for greed or competition within our organization.

Providing affordable counseling and therapy services for those coping with depression or anxiety, marital and relationship issues, PTSD, grief and loss, anger management, parenting and family issues, abuse recovery, and life coaching.

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