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Everyone has times in their life when it is difficult to work through things on your own. The death of a loved one, relationship issues, stress, depression, anxiety, trauma and life transitions are a few of the common experiences that affect many people at different times in their lives. Many times, we need someone to help us sort through these changes in our lives. Change is difficult. But by having someone to walk us through the process of change and challenge us to approach our problems differently, we can grow, succeed and be happy.

Kingsport Counseling Associates, PLLC is a group of providers for individual, marriage and family counseling and therapy services. Located in Kingsport, Tennessee we serve the Tri-Cities Region of Tennessee and Virginia (Kingsport, Johnson City and Bristol) in the Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia regions of these states. We also serve the people living in Southeastern Kentucky. Kingsport Counseling Associates, PLLC also now offers online therapy and an Employee Assistance Service for small businesses and companies within the Tri-Cities Region.

Our Mission

The mission of Kingsport Counseling Associates, PLLC is to provide compassionate and caring individual, couples and family therapy services that help people bring meaningful change into their lives.

What We Do

We are providers of individual, couples and family therapy. Each person’s situation is unique, and the type of session will be based on the issues at hand. The cost of sessions varies according to each person’s individual situation (see our “Cost of Services” page for more information). We specialize in helping with relationship issues, depression, anxiety, parenting and adolescents.

Meet Our Team

Kingsport Counseling Associates, PLLC is a group of dedicated professional therapists and counselors here to help you in working through the struggles and difficult times of your life. All of our therapists and counselors adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards of their professions.

Lola Sturgill

Lola Sturgill, MS | Individual & Couple’s Therapy

(Lola is currently accepting new clients)

Kendra Pace

Kendra Pace, LMSW| Individual Therapy & EMDR Certified

(Kendra is currently accepting new clients for online and in person therapy)

Crysta Dunkerly

Crysta Dunkerly, LCSW | Individual & Couples Therapy

(Currently has limited availabilty)

Mollie Creel, LCSW

Mollie Creel, LCSW | Individual & Adolescent Therapy

(Mollie is currently on maternity leave until May of 2024)

Jennifer Miller, MA LMFT | Individual, Couple’s & Children’s Therapy

L. Gordon Brewer, Jr., MEd, LMFT | Individual & Couples Therapy

President and Founder of Kingsport Counseling Associates

(Limited availability)

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When you schedule your first appointment, you will be given access to our Client Portal to complete the necessary forms. You can see and request available appointment times on our portal.

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