Mollie Creel

Individual & Family Therapist

I am here to listen and provide feedback to help you learn more about yourself and how you interact with the world.

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Mollie Creel, LCSW

Feeling lost or stuck? Facing a big life change? Do you feel like you, your child, or your family could use a little extra help navigating life? Life can be challenging and unexpected events happen. Whatever you are facing, let’s work through it together! I believe that you are the expert of your own experiences and I am here to come alongside you to provide you with the tools and resources you need to make the changes you want in your life. I will meet you where you are because your safety and trust are very important to me. I am here to listen and provide feedback to help you learn more about yourself and how you interact with the world.

Mollie Creel, LCSW

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Mollie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She works with children, teens, adults, and families with trauma, depression and anxiety, grief and loss, and adoption issues. She has worked with foster and adoptive children, teens, and adults, domestic and sexual assault survivors, justice involved teens, and adult adoptees. 

Mollie utilizes a variety of techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectic Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, and Trust Based Relational Interventions. She is a licensed Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist.

Fees: Mollie currently offers a sliding scale fee schedule and will be in network with area insurance soon! 


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