header2Individual therapy or Psychotherapy is valuable in many ways.  Meeting individually with a therapist/counselor helps a person to focus on the internal conflicts a person might be having. Many emotional distresses, such as depression and anxiety, can be helped by working individually with a therapist.  In individual therapy a person can work to make those individual changes to their life that helps have a happier and more productive life.

Individual therapy involves meeting one-on-one with the therapist to “talk” about the difficulties or issues you are having in your life.  The therapist’s job is to then help you see things from other perspectives and look at ways to change your current behaviors or perspectives.

As it is with all forms of “talk therapy” the relationship you have with your therapist is very important.  Confidentiality is very important in the therapeutic relationship.  In individual therapy it is important for a person to be completely honest with themselves and feel that they are being heard and understood by the therapist in a safe and confidential setting.

Individual therapy is very effective in helping with:

  •  Overcoming depression, anxiety and stress
  • Working through issues of grief, loss or loneliness
  • Dealing with traumatic life events and stress
  • Better regulating emotions such as anger and fear
  • Recovering from sexual , emotional or physical abuse
  • Personal growth and self discovery
  • Obsessions, compulsions and/or preoccupations
  • Difficulties in maintaining healthy relationships
  • Codependence or addictions
  • Working through times of life transitions
  • Difficulties in the work environment or dealing with others
  • Poor self-perceptions or low self-esteem