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So back when the internet first became popular (gotta love a story that starts like this, right?) I remember being so amazed that you could connect with strangers in a different place just via words on a screen.

I used to think, “were they even real people?”. Or were they just a computer generating automatic responses? I quickly learned that these WERE real people. And the internet allowed them to easily share their personal stories from behind a screen.

We all have our stories!

I need to say that, at this point, I always knew I wanted to work in the field of counseling and therapy. I’ve never lacked passion for helping people. I love helping people find the motivation to change. There is an excitement I have for helping people find the strengths we all have inside of us. I’ve been told a time or 2 that I “have a calling”.

What I think that means is that there is something about me that calls out to others to share their worries with me. People , off all backgrounds, seem to feel safe seeking support from me. Even back on AOL instant messenger, people strangers would reach out to me for support.

People Supporting People

We all increasingly know to be aware of strangers on the internet, but when someone seemed to be in search of a helping hand, I couldn’t just ignore it. I developed a system called ‘A little birdie”. I would message everyone on my ‘friend list’ and say “USERNAME is having a really hard time. If you would be so kind as to message them just to say a ‘ a little bird told me that you were hurting and just wanted you to know I am praying/ thinking/ rooting for you”.

Meaningful connections were formed were there once was loneliness and encouragement was given where there once was hopelessness. It was so simple to reach out to a fellow person who was suffering in a safe and anonymous way.

We are ALL just People.

We are ALL just people. If we don’t look out for each other then I don’t know who will. (Well animals totally can be supportive but that’s a whole other blog!) We all need support and help at one time or another.

Online Support is a Real Thing!

Now fast forward many many many years ahead and online Therapy is actually ‘a thing’ !! You can just message and/ or email with an actual licensed therapist and even have phone sessions and video chat!

What I’ve learned doing online therapy is that clients feel more free and able to share things they normally wouldn’t because they can… They can be ‘there’ comfortably on their OWN couch if they want! They can remain anonymous on some platforms. They can SEE written out what they are thinking and have a record of it to refer to! There is so much help out there and it’s not as hard to get as it used to be.

You don’t have to worry about finding time when you can have a session from your cell phone wherever you are. You don’t have to worry about showing your face in an office even. Getting some objective feedback from an expert, venting to an unbiased ear, FEELING BETTER- is just buttons away.

Give it a try! Call, Email, Comment, Text, Walk in or stay in bed if you want to! I truly believe therapy is worth it because YOU ARE!

Make the first step and reach out! We’ll be waiting to listen!

Crysta Dunkerly, LCSW