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I have worked in settings from inner city projects and inpatient drug rehab to private practice and online counseling so have encountered all different kinds of clients. Let me tell you the most common reasons I heard for getting involved in mental health treatment. Before I get into it though I want to highlight the word “client”. When I first started in the field of social work the word was “patients”. I love that the verbiage was changed and readily accepted because in the world of therapy we are not treating you! It is most definitely a team approach!

Did you know that most therapists have gone themselves?

I’ve done it myself and have had the pleasure of seeing students who were working towards their degree and/ or license. I’d relate it to how police officer have to undergo being sprayed with mace to know what it’s like but I PROMISE Therapy is far less painful. Some other ‘non-traditional’ reasons I have heard include:

– “My significant other thinks I am crazy”

– “I don’t feel as though I am functioning to my potential”

– “I think this thing is becoming a problem and want to stop it before it is full blown”

– “I’m different from everyone else”

When you are experiencing uncomfortable physical symptoms a doctor can certainly help! But so can a Therapist…

Obviously this is the practice of dealing with feeling, right? But did you know that emotional/ mental stress can result in unexplained and recurrent headaches, stomach aches or a run down immune system? Not to mention sleeplessness, restlessness, and fatigue.

Have you ever found yourself saying “I just don’t understand why I am feeling/ acting/ thinking like this?!” ? How about finding yourself using substances to cope. Have you gotten feedback at work or friends that they were concerned? Human being aren’t meant to be isolated. If you are struggling with something there really is no better treatment then talking to someone! You just cannot see the whole picture when you are caught up in it. Friends can be great listeners but Therapists are trained in hearing objectively and are equipped with tools you may not know even exist. We CAN step in where you feel overwhelmed or helpless!

How about this…..

  • Do you want to be an exceptional parent? Do you want to make a good marriage great?
  • Maybe thriving in your career when you are just doing ‘OK’ sounds good…..
  • Who doesn’t want to love and accept themselves fully? Or understand their purpose in life!

If you devoted just 1 hour a week solely on YOURSELF… what could happen?

Therapy can help remove roadblocks, restore passion, and equip you with tools to allow you to feel how you WANT to feel. People who seek to understand things on a deeper level, remove roadblocks to their success, and make happiness a priority are the ones who ‘Go to Therapy’.

Crysta Dunkerly, LCSW