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Relationship Advice, is that not something we’ve all sought help for before?? Whether it be from a friend, or family member, or significant other ABOUT a friend, family member, or significant other. Even co-workers are ‘a relationship’…. along with teachers, neighbors, acquaintances, ourselves and, well, you get the picture. We have all different kinds of relationships that come with varying dynamics.

The BIG picture

“Love sick”, “Heartbroken”, “Think with your head and not with your heart” – These are cliches for a reason. LOVE is both blind and blinds! When you are caught up in the heat of a relationship you really might not be seeing the whole picture.

“Love is patient, love is kind….”

We’ve all heard the proverb at weddings I’m sure. If not, it just continues on with a list of abusive/ unhealthy behaviors to avoid and ways to make a relationship work. Because none of us really want our relationships to not work, right? At least consciously we don’t often think that. I constantly have clients ask me what they should do in a situation or why I think they’re relation did what they did.

Everyone Does Things For Thier Own Reasons.

Reasons you may not be aware of and/ or that they might not even be aware of. This is why ‘being your own person’ (I KNOW you’ve heard that before) is so key! Choose to do what is right Because YOU want to because you can’t always know anothers’ motivations for definite and definitely can’t change anyone else. The only power that we have is our own choices, as easy or difficult as they may be. Choosing to nurture your relationship ~with yourself~ is the best Relationship Advice you’ll ever get. That is the first person you should seek to have control over, understand, and love patiently and kindly.